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Here is a documentation which identifies the general principles and steps necessary for an online presence project.

  1. Web guide

    A brief overview of things to know when planning to go online.

    1. Domain name

      to access your site, a visitor will type its name into a search engine or the address bar of their browser. This comes in the form:
      To use the name monjolisite and allow this address to be known on the network you must register the name with a registrar.
      The name of your site must be chosen carefully to best reflect your business or product, and easily referenced by search engines.
    2. Hosting service

      Once your domain name is known on the network, your site (that is to say all the directories and files that compose it) must be stored in a computer network known. This computer is called a server.
      This server is provided by a host with safety and maintenance services. Depending on the size and the traffic of your site and the services you want to associate, you can choose between several server solutions: dedicated, virtual or shared.
    3. Search Engine Optimisation

      Visitors seeking a service, product or information that you may be able to provide must find you easily via a search engine.
      It is therefore important to provide from the creation of your site the best structure for optimal SEO.
      This will also be appreciated by your visitors who will easily find the information they came for.
      It should be noted that the appearance in the search engine results pages is never instant after a new site going live.
      SEO is built gradually and will be more effective than pages of other sites will link to your pages, your content will be relevant and often renewed.
      An important part is careful coding of your pages.
    4. Website life

      With access to broadband and the development of social media, users of your site will expect to find new content regularly.
      And as mentioned above, a site whose content evolves and is updated regularly is more likely to climb in the ranking of search engines.

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